Yamaha is a brand that has solidified its reputation for producing excellent motorcycles. The Stryker and Raider models have been receiving significant attention in the motorcycling industry.

Both motorcycles were designed to cater to different riding preferences, and they differ in several aspects.

Power and Performance

Both the Yamaha Stryker and the Yamaha Raider are powerful bikes, but they differ in terms of performance.

The Stryker has a 1,304cc V-twin engine that produces an impressive 78 horsepower, while the Raider is equipped with a 1,854cc V-twin engine that produces 89 horsepower.

The Stryker is more agile and has better handling compared to the Raider, which is bulkier and designed for long-distance cruising.

When it comes to the top speed, the Raider takes the lead, with a top speed of 133 mph, while the Stryker’s top speed is 118 mph.

The Raider is designed with long-distance cruising in mind, and it can easily cover long distances without straining the rider.

The Stryker, on the other hand, is ideal for short and medium-distance rides, and its low center of gravity offers excellent handling.

Design and Style

The Yamaha Stryker features a sleek and futuristic design, with a long and low stance. It has a muscular profile, with a low seat height of 26.4 inches, which makes it comfortable for riders of all sizes.

The Stryker is designed with performance in mind, and its low center of gravity provides excellent handling.

On the other hand, the Yamaha Raider has a classic cruiser look, with a more traditional design compared to the Stryker.

The Raider has a longer and wider stance, with a seat height of 27.4 inches. It is bulkier and heavier compared to the Stryker, which makes it more comfortable for long-distance cruising.

Technology and Features

Both the Yamaha Stryker and the Yamaha Raider are well-equipped with advanced technology and features.

The Stryker is fitted with a digital speedometer, fuel gauge, and an odometer, while the Raider has an analog speedometer and fuel gauge, and digital odometer.

Both bikes have a gear indicator, trip meter, and indicator lights for signals such as high beam, neutral, low oil, and more.

The Stryker has an advanced braking system, with dual-disc brakes on the front and a single-disc brake on the rear.

The Raider has a similar braking system but with dual-disc brakes on both the front and rear. Both motorcycles are equipped with advanced suspension systems that provide maximum comfort even on rough terrains.


The price is a significant factor that influences the decision to purchase a motorcycle. The Yamaha Stryker has a retail price of $11,999, while the Yamaha Raider has a retail price of $15,199, making the Stryker a more affordable option than the Raider.

  • The Yamaha Stryker costs $11,999
  • The Yamaha Raider costs $15,199

Here’s a table that better highlights the differences

FeatureYamaha StrykerYamaha Raider
Engine Type1304cc, V-twin, air-cooled1854cc, V-twin, air-cooled
Power OutputApproximately 79 horsepowerApproximately 85 horsepower
TorqueApproximately 103 lb-ftApproximately 111 lb-ft
Transmission5-speed manual5-speed manual
Fuel InjectionElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI)Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Front SuspensionTelescopic forkTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionSwingarm with monoshockSwingarm with monoshock
Front BrakeHydraulic discHydraulic disc
Rear BrakeHydraulic discHydraulic disc
Front Tire Size120/70-21120/70-21
Rear Tire Size210/40-18210/40-18
Seat Height26.4 inches27.4 inches
WeightApproximately 646 lbsApproximately 730 lbs
Overall Length99.6 inches101.2 inches
Fuel Capacity4.0 gallons4.2 gallons
Colors AvailableMatte Gray, Impact Blue, RavenRapid Red, Ice Fluo, Matte Raven Black, Cobalt Blue


Both the Yamaha Stryker and Yamaha Raider offer impressive features that make them great motorcycles.

The Stryker is more affordable, agile, and has better handling, while the Raider is heavier, more powerful, and more comfortable for long-distance cruising.

Choosing between the two motorcycles ultimately comes down to personal preference, your riding style, and your budget.

The Yamaha Stryker and Yamaha Raider both deliver in different ways, and they are both great bikes in their own right.

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