Imagine you’re at the starting line, the air vibrating with anticipation, much like the moment before choosing between Aprilia’s Tuono 660 and the Triumph Trident 660.

You’ve seen the numbers: the Tuono’s beefier engine outmuscles the Trident with an extra 15 horsepower, and its lighter frame promises agility on the twistiest of roads. Yet, it’s the suite of technological marvels that might tilt the scales.

But before you rev your engines and make that choice, consider what lies beyond the specs. What personal riding experiences could these differences forge? This comparison isn’t just about numbers; it’s about finding which bike resonates with your spirit of adventure.

Engine Performance Breakdown

Delving into the heart of Aprilia’s RS 660, you’ll find a meticulously engineered 660cc parallel-twin engine that doesn’t just perform; it exhilarates, delivering a robust 100 horsepower with a torque of 67 Nm that promises a ride as thrilling as it’s smooth.

Its power delivery, marked by a smooth and linear curve, makes it ideal for tearing up the track or cruising the streets with equal aplomb. The 270-degree firing order not only adds to the bike’s unique character and sonorous exhaust note but also contributes to its dynamic balance and smoothness.

Aprilia’s cutting-edge engine management system plays a pivotal role in optimizing performance while ensuring efficiency. Moreover, the system’s nuanced control over engine braking enhances rideability by ensuring the bike remains stable and responsive under deceleration, offering you an unrivaled sense of control and confidence.

Aerodynamics and Design

Building on the remarkable engine performance of the RS 660, Aprilia’s focus on aerodynamics and design further elevates the riding experience by marrying aggressive styling with functional elegance.

The sleek bodywork, characterized by sharp angles, isn’t just for show. It’s the result of meticulous engineering to optimize airflow, enhancing both stability and speed. Every element, from the fairings to the air ducts and windshields, is strategically placed to slash through the air, reducing drag and boosting high-speed stability.

This aerodynamic profile significantly contributes to dynamic handling, aiding in cornering precision. Moreover, the design philosophy of Aprilia ensures that every aspect, including seat height, is tuned for peak performance, seamlessly blending aesthetics with practical, performance-enhancing aerodynamics.

Handling and Suspension Analysis

At the heart of the Aprilia RS 660’s exhilarating ride lies its advanced, adjustable suspension system, designed to deliver razor-sharp handling and an unmatched cornering experience.

This bike’s suspension sophistication allows you to dial in the perfect balance for any situation, ensuring you’re always in control, whether you’re cruising on the highway with the cruise control engaged or slicing through twisty backroads.

Here’s what makes it stand out:

  1. The 41mm Kayaba fork and rear shock offer precise adjustability for both preload and rebound, ensuring tailored performance.
  2. High-performance suspension components enhance sporty riding dynamics, elevating your cornering capabilities to new heights.
  3. The ability to fine-tune handling based on personal preferences and riding style means the RS 660 adapts to you, not the other way around.

Advanced Technology Features

Aprilia sportbikes elevate your ride with cutting-edge technology, from the APRC suite to LED lighting, ensuring unmatched precision and safety on every journey. You’ll revel in the control and performance that these features bring to your riding experience.

APRC SuiteAdvanced electronic aids including traction control.Customizable performance and safety.
TFT DisplayProvides clear, customizable rider information.Enhanced interaction and awareness.
LED LightingIncludes cornering lights for improved visibility.Safety in low visibility conditions.
Quick ShifterAllows for seamless gear changes.Smooth, efficient riding.
Engine Brake ControlManages the engine’s braking power.Stable deceleration and cornering.

Embrace the thrill of precision with these advanced technologies, designed to push your Aprilia to its limits while keeping you in complete control.

Pricing and Value Comparison

After exploring the cutting-edge technology that sets Aprilia sportbikes apart, let’s examine how their pricing and value stack up against competitors like the Yamaha R7. With a price tag of $11,499, the Aprilia RS 660 is indeed slightly higher, but here’s why it’s worth every penny:

  1. Advanced Features: The Aprilia offers a suite of advanced electronics and technology not found in the more budget-friendly Yamaha R7, priced at $9,199.
  2. Value for Money: For the additional $2,300, you’re getting an unparalleled feature-packed experience tailored for both street and track riding.
  3. Personal Preferences: Ultimately, the decision hinges on what you value more: cutting-edge technology or a more affordable entry point.

Despite the higher cost, the Aprilia RS 660 delivers better value for enthusiasts seeking a premium riding experience.


In wrapping up, you’ve got a tight race between Aprilia’s Tuono 660 and Triumph’s Trident 660.

The Tuono edges ahead with its higher horsepower, lighter frame, and superior tech. Its blend of power, agility, and customizable features makes it a dream for any rider seeking thrill and precision.

However, the Trident’s appeal isn’t lost; it’s all about what thrills you. When it comes down to it, choosing between these titans hinges on your personal taste and riding desires.

Dive in, the road’s calling!

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