If you’re a bike enthusiast, then you already know that Triumph Motorcycles is one of the top manufacturers in the market.

If you are considering purchasing a new bike, then you should check out the Triumph Street Twin and the Triumph Speed Twin.

These two bikes are similar in many ways, but there are also significant differences between them. In this article, we will compare these bikes to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Style

The design of a motorcycle often plays a big part in the decision-making process for buyers. The Triumph Street Twin has a classic design, which is reminiscent of old-school bikes.

It’s equipped with round headlights and a single-pod speedometer display, giving a vintage feel to it. The street twin has several color options available like Jet Black, Aluminum Silver, and Ironstone. It’s a bike that attracts modern riders who like vintage aesthetics.

On the other hand, the Triumph Speed Twin has a modern-classic design that’s more inclined toward modern style. Its split LED headlights and twin-pod digital display help the bike achieve a contemporary look, which would appeal to those who like the flashy look.

Unlike the Street Twin, it has fewer color options. You can choose from three colors – Red Hopper, Silver Ice, or Matte Jet Black.

Engine and Performance

The engine is another significant factor to consider when choosing between these two Triumph models.

The Street Twin has a 900 cc high-torque engine that delivers a maximum torque of 80 Nm at 3,800 rpm. Its engine has been developed to be responsive and delivers optimum performance.

On the other hand, the Speed Twin has a 1200 cc high-torque engine that delivers a maximum torque of 112 Nm. It’s a 269 cc larger engine than the Street Twin, which means it’s the superior one among the two in terms of power.

The Speed Twin can reach a top speed of 140 mph, which is impressive considering its sturdy build and size.

Comfort and Handling

Both bikes are designed for a comfortable ride, and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting fatigued while on the road.

The Street Twin has a low seat height, which makes it easier to handle, especially for those who have shorter stature.

Its handlebars are also more relaxed, which means you can go for longer rides without getting discomfort in your wrists.

The Speed Twin, on the other hand, has a slightly higher seat than the Street Twin. It has a taller rider triangle that makes it suitable for taller people.

The Speed Twin also has a larger front wheel than the Street Twin, which means it’s more stable when taking turns.

The Speed Twin is the more comfortable ride of the two due to its extra power and speed.


The price of a motorcycle is an essential factor that determines whether it’s a good investment or not.

The Street Twin is a more affordable option of the two since it has a price tag that’s lower than the Speed Twin. It usually retails at slightly over $9,000, which is reasonable considering its features.

The Speed Twin has a higher price tag than the Street Twin. It costs around $12,000, which is a bit higher considering that the differences between their features might not justify that kind of price hike in some people’s eyes.

FeatureTriumph Street TwinTriumph Speed Twin
Engine900 cc, parallel-twin1200 cc, parallel-twin
Power Output64 horsepower @ 7,500 RPM96 horsepower @ 6,750 RPM
Torque80 Nm @ 3,800 RPM112 Nm @ 4,950 RPM
Transmission5-speed manual6-speed manual
SuspensionKYB forks (front)USD forks (front)
Twin shocks with adjustable preloadTwin shocks with adjustable preload
BrakesSingle 310 mm disc (front)Dual 305 mm discs (front)
Single 255 mm disc (rear)Single 220 mm disc (rear)
Weight198 kg (wet)216 kg (wet)
Seat Height760 mm807 mm
Fuel Capacity12 liters14.5 liters
Riding ModesRain and RoadRain, Road, Sport
TFT DisplayYesYes
Quick ShifterOptionalOptional


The Triumph Street Twin and the Triumph Speed Twin are both excellent bikes, and choosing between the two comes down to personal choice.

The Street Twin, with its classic design, lower price tag, and comfortable ride, is suitable for those who want to experience the thrill of riding a bike without breaking the bank.

The Speed Twin, on the other hand, is for those who want a bike that’s more powerful, has a modern look and feel, and are willing to spend more money. It’s the perfect bike for those who are after speed, power, and performance.

If you have the budget and looking for a more advanced motorcycle, the Speed Twin is the obvious choice.

However, if you want a bike that’s practical, affordable, and comfortable, the Street Twin is the one for you.

Overall, both bikes have their strengths, and it’s essential to consider your personal preferences when making your purchase decision.

Ultimately, either of these Triumph bikes would be a fantastic addition to your garage and offer you the ultimate joy of riding.

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