Riding a motorcycle is not just a mode of transportation but also a lifestyle for many riders. They invest time, resources, and emotions into their bikes, which they see as a reflection of their identity.

However, like any machine, motorcycles require regular maintenance and care to stay in optimal condition.

One of the questions that riders often ask is, how often should you start your motorcycle? Let’s provide guidelines on how frequently you should do it.

Why Should You Start Your Motorcycle Regularly?

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you might think that the best thing for your bike is to leave it in the garage and wait for the next ride.

However, this is not entirely true. Starting your motorcycle regularly has several benefits, including:

  • Keeping the battery charged: If you leave your motorcycle unused for an extended period, its battery can discharge, leading to irreversible damage and loss of performance. By starting your bike regularly, you keep the battery charged and prevent this from occurring.
  • Preventing fuel issues: Fuel can degrade over time, and if it sits too long in the tank, it can gum up the carburetor or fuel injectors, leading to starting issues and poor performance. Starting your motorcycle once a week or two helps circulate the fuel, which reduces the risk of fuel-related problems.
  • Lubricating the engine: When you start your motorcycle, the oil circulates through the engine, keeping the internal parts lubricated and preventing rust or corrosion. This is particularly important if you live in a humid climate, where moisture can accumulate in the engine components.

How Often Should You Start Your Motorcycle?

Now that we know why starting your motorcycle regularly is essential let’s talk about how frequently you should do it. The answer varies depending on several factors, such as:

  • The climate where you live
  • The age and type of your motorcycle
  • How long do you plan to leave the bike unused

However, as a general rule, you should aim to start your motorcycle at least once a week if you plan to leave it unused for more than two weeks.

This frequency may change depending on the factors cited above. For instance, if you live in a particularly dry or humid climate, you may need to start your motorcycle more frequently to prevent moisture buildup in the engine.

How to Properly Start Your Motorcycle

Now that we know how often we should start our motorcycles let’s talk about how we should do it properly. Starting your motorcycle correctly can help prevent damage to the engine, battery, and other components. Here are some tips for properly starting your motorcycle:

  • Check the fuel level: Before starting your bike, make sure your fuel level is adequate, especially if you plan to run the engine for a few minutes.
  • Check the oil level: Make sure your oil level is sufficient and that it’s not too old or dirty. If necessary, change the oil before starting your motorcycle.
  • Turn off all accessories: Before starting the engine, make sure that all lights, radios, and other accessories are turned off. This helps reduce the load on the battery and engine.
  • Warm up the engine: Don’t rev the engine immediately after starting it. Let it warm up for a minute or two to reach the optimal operating temperature.


In conclusion, starting your motorcycle regularly is an essential part of maintaining it for optimal performance and longevity.

By following the guidelines discussed in this article, you can ensure that your bike remains in excellent condition, ready to hit the road whenever you are.

Remember to check the frequency of starting your motorcycle based on the factors around you and also use the proper starting procedure to avoid any damage to the bike.

A well-maintained motorcycle means a safer and more reliable ride for you.

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