At the heart of every journey lies the decision of which road to take. Regarding the journey of choosing a motorcycle, the Honda Rebel 500 holds a prominent position.

We we’ll dive deep into one of the most pivotal aspects of this remarkable machine – the Honda Rebel 500 MPG.

The Honda Rebel 500: An Overview

The Honda Rebel 500 is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a testament to Honda’s commitment to blending style, performance, and efficiency.

This classic cruiser, with its minimalist design and robust 471cc parallel-twin engine, provides an unrivaled riding experience.

Before we delve into the specifics of its MPG, let’s take a moment to appreciate the overall appeal of this remarkable machine.

Understanding MPG and Its Importance

MPG, or Miles Per Gallon, is a crucial metric for any vehicle, and motorcycles are no exception. In the simplest terms, MPG indicates how many miles a motorcycle can travel per gallon of fuel.

This measure is essential for understanding a motorcycle’s fuel efficiency and can significantly impact the ownership experience and overall running costs.

Honda Rebel 500 MPG: Unveiling the Numbers

According to various real-world tests and rider reports, the Honda Rebel 500 boasts an impressive average of 67 MPG. This figure varies slightly depending on factors like riding style, road conditions, and maintenance, which we’ll explore in the following sections.

Factors Impacting the Honda Rebel 500 MPG

While the Honda Rebel 500 offers excellent fuel efficiency, certain factors can influence its MPG:

  1. Riding Style: Aggressive acceleration and high-speed cruising can decrease MPG.
  2. Maintenance: Regular tune-ups and tire pressure checks can optimize MPG.
  3. Load: Carrying extra weight can lower MPG.
  4. Road Conditions: Smooth highways typically offer better MPG than congested city streets.

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to similar motorcycles in its class, the Honda Rebel 500 holds its own in terms of MPG:

  • Yamaha V Star 250: 78 MPG
  • Kawasaki Vulcan S: 57 MPG
  • Suzuki Boulevard S40: 63 MPG

While the Yamaha V Star 250 surpasses the Rebel 500 in MPG, the Honda model outperforms the Kawasaki Vulcan S and the Suzuki Boulevard S40.

Tips for Maximizing Your Honda Rebel 500 MPG

To get the most out of your Honda Rebel 500, consider these tips:

  1. Maintain a steady speed and avoid rapid acceleration.
  2. Regularly check your tire pressure.
  3. Avoid carrying unnecessary weight.
  4. Keep up with regular maintenance and tune-ups.

The Environmental Impact of Honda Rebel 500 MPG

Fuel efficiency isn’t just about saving money—it’s also about reducing your carbon footprint. With its impressive MPG, the Honda Rebel 500 is a more environmentally friendly choice compared to less fuel-efficient motorcycles.

The Financial Implications of the Honda Rebel 500 MPG

The Honda Rebel 500’s commendable MPG has significant financial implications for riders. On average, the Rebel 500 achieves an MPG of:

  • 68.0 for the 2022 model​​,
  • 63.0 for the 2020 model​​,
  • 62.4 for the 2019 model​​,
  • 56.0 for the 2018 model​, and
  • 56.4 for the 2017 model​.

Given a fuel tank capacity of 2.95 gallons and an average gas price of $3.49 per gallon regarding today’s price​, riders can calculate their estimated fuel costs.

For instance, with the 2022 model’s 68.0 MPG, the cost per mile comes out to approximately $0.051. This efficient MPG translates into substantial savings over time, especially for riders who frequently use motorcycles.


In conclusion, the Honda Rebel 500 is a remarkable motorcycle that offers a blend of style, performance, and, most importantly, impressive MPG.

The aforementioned MPG figures and the associated financial and environmental implications make it an attractive choice for both new and experienced riders.

Whether you’re commuting daily or embarking on a long-distance ride, the Honda Rebel 500 provides an efficiency that’s hard to beat.

The 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin four-stroke engine, with a bore and stroke of 67.0mm x 66.8mm, provides ample power, producing a maximum peak output of 46.94 HP at 8500 RPM and a maximum torque of 43.00 Nm at 7000 RPM​.

This power, combined with an average fuel range of approximately 100 miles​, offers riders the perfect balance of performance and fuel efficiency.

Understanding the Honda Rebel 500’s MPG and the factors influencing it is crucial for potential owners. We hope this comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to make an informed decision about this exceptional motorcycle. Happy riding!

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